Life at Lohis with @aliphoto_maldives @hudhuranfushi_resort #surftrip #lohis #spl

After swimming all morning I gave my camera to @aliphoto_maldives (who hasn’t shot #fisheye in good waves before) I told him to swim into the exciting part of the wave and five mins later we hooked up for his first ever barrel shot! Good work Alibey!! #naturaltalent @spl_waterhousing @bingsurfboards #thecraftsince59

Sorry about the commercial nature of this post, but I’ve been asked to spread the word about a rather good deal for surfers considering a trip to Lohis over the next two months. Any surfer making a new booking for @hudhuranfushi_resort for July and August gets to ride our range of over 30 hire boards completely free!!! We are not talking plastic pop- outs here, we are talking about high quality boards from 5’6 to 9’6 !!! Talk to your favorite #surftravel agent today !!! #nomoreexcessbaggage #travellight #quiverenvy #lifeatlohis #longboard #surftrip Note; offer valid for bookings made after June20th.

Singlefin Yellow is a fun movie following the journey of one surfboards life as it travels the globe shared by a group of friends. It’s not just about exotic travel and the adventure of riding waves, but also a reminder that happiness in life can be found in something as simple as sharing Surfboards with your friends. #boardswapsunday #Singlefin #yellow #sharingiscaring #spl #sunsetsessions

@aliphoto_maldives stroking into a nice one at #lohis during the golden hour at #Hudhuranfushi #onlyasurferknowsthefeeling #maldives #exploremore @zealoptics

Trevor is very interested in the ‘Origins of Surfing’ debate!!! “I tell you Brah, my ancestors were gliding along on waves here five hundred million years ago” haha #justathought @thetorpedopeople #bodysurfers #fishjustwanttohavefun #dafin @dafinhi

Observations from the impact zone part two. I noticed a frustrating trend over this last swell – So many #surfers scrambling to avoid taking a wave on the head would paddle frantically towards the shoulder and straight into the path of the surfer up and riding the wave…apparently completely oblivious of the fact that they were putting themselves in a far more dangerous position than had they just taken the set on the head. This is my good friend Nathan on one of the better waves of a session last week at #sultans The board he is 1/1000 of a second away from running into didn’t need to be there, in fact ten seconds earlier it was in a perfectly safe position further in, but its owner paddled it straight into the worst position possible. The result was a ruined wave and a creased board (Nates!) I know that sometimes there’s nothing you can do and you end up in someone’s way, but I’m talking about us all trying to avoid the unnecessary ones, the times when you have the choice of ‘do I paddle in front of this guy or not? Do I risk injury to myself and him? My board and his? Do I ruin the wave he’s travelled so far to surf? Or do I stay here in the impact zone, enjoying the view, take a couple waves on the head and then paddle for the channel at the end of the set?’ #justathought #churbro #stink #playsafe #ridewithusdontcollidewithus #85mm

See you next time @13blackdragons #singlefin #lifeatlohis

Perfection in the Maldives. #itsbeenawhile #50mm #exploremore

Stephanie in the water.