Curve appreciation @life_at_lohis #dhoni #surftrip #lifeatlohis

So 8 years and 5 months ago (after knowing Amy for 2months) I told her I was going to marry her and I didn’t mind if it was in 5 months or 5 years! Luckily she didn’t run for the hills (after all, there are none in the Maldives) and she said ok let’s make it 5 months! What has followed has been the best 8 years imaginable! Happy anniversary @amy_kotch I love you more than ever ️

It’s another beautiful day and I’m getting better at shooting one handed line up shots while Curren baby offers composition advice and bright light camera shake!! 20/11/17 #lohis #novembersessions #surftrip #lifeatlohis

20 seconds of Amy getting her shred on this morning at #lohis @amy_kotch #shesback @dahlbergsurfboards #lifeatlohis

Weekends with @mattwilko8 and @clearwatersurftravel @ripcurl_aus in the #maldives #surftrip #areyounotentertained

Hunting the hunter with my @spl_waterhousing #lifeatlohis #spl