Sunday mornings on the point #Hudhuranfushi #lifeatlohis

A nice moment from last nights #sunsetsession at Lohis #lifeatlohis #maldives

It’s flat today (no, we don’t get SW swells) but last week was fun. #lifeatlohis #surftravel pic @richard_kotch

I love it when she does this! #lohis on a @dahlbergsurfboards #surftrip #maldives

Kai yesterday morning. We had missed his best wave the night before and he wasn’t amused so poor old #lohis took a pounding this session! @ottz16 #lifeatlohis #surftrip

My favorite time to be in the ocean …last light, the guests have all gone in and it’s really too dark to surf, but you can just about make out the curve of the wave in front of you and going fast feels better than ever! #sunsetsessions pic @aliphoto_maldives

@ottz16 enjoying life away from the pressure of the CT. We are seeing more and more pros coming to Lohis, not because they are ‘training’ or on a photo shoot, rather they just want a hassle free surf trip with a couple friends and a good wave out the front. For us it is of course inspiring to watch, but it also highlights how unbalanced the tour has been for so long – starting the year with three events at rights and not having a single CT event at a small/mid size, high performance left …we are seeing a side of their surfing that I’ve not seen in a decade of webcasts! #lifeatlohis #lohis #surftrip

From where I’d rather watch the sunset! @giuliobocc this evening at #lohis #sunset #lifeatlohis #maldives @spl_waterhousing @life_at_lohis

The late shift with @aliphoto_maldives on his @dahlbergsurfboards a couple days ago #lifeatlohis #maldives