Press ️Amy and I spent most of the Christmas/New Years period with the flu….not the most auspicious start to 2016, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes! It has been good to have the time to sort through old hard drives and delete a whole lot of gb-junk! I came across this vid and it made me smile, this board was a wedding present from our good friends Matt and Margaret Calvani of @bingsurfboards and it profoundly changed my approach to the ocean…It is now my go-to board whenever I’m feeling bummed out or stale….I know I already posted this but I wouldn’t mind a wave on it right now haha. #singlefin #love #thecraftsince59

I love afternoon rain in the tropics almost as much as I #love swimming under waves. #rain #unidentified #Spl #exploremore #tropics @spl_waterhousing @zealoptics