@aliphoto_maldives and I have a very open relationship! He can help himself to my @bingsurfboards whenever he likes, on one condition – that he gets tubed! This is Ali on my #bing #dharma at #lohis a couple weeks ago #lifeatlohis #thecraftsince59

Nature has been putting on quite a show this week ⛈ it’s been tough for our guests, but I do look at these storms with a sense of exhilarated awe #stormchaser

Before the storm ⛈ #maldives

Enjoying the turbulence with @aliphoto_maldives @spl_waterhousing #surfphotography #lifeatlohis #maldives

There’s something about jumping off a boat, and paddling up the reef that is infinitely more pleasurable than paddling out through the set of the day!

When the stars align @owright in the Maldives yesterday @ripcurl_aus @clearwatersurftravel @surfingworld #surftrip #maldives