Epic Bodu Beru performance to close the #maldivesopen2015 #boduberu #drumming is the music of the #Maldives and these drummers really seemed to love and respect the cultural lineage that they are upholding. #classact On a less positive note. The morning after the closing ceremony party I picked up 83 (yes I counted) cigarette butts from the 3×2 meter of deck and beach area around our office. #wtf ??? When I looked further afield I stopped counting as the gardener raked them up. This shit blows my mind. #thebeachisnotafuckingashtray

Behind the scenes at the #maldivesopen2015 Bangaladeshi workers climb trees to watch the action.

Island style contest scene at #lohis #maldivesopen2015 shot with @spl_waterhousing #spl

So stoked on this guys performance yesterday! This is my good friend @aznilphotography on one of the waves of the event – as Ajey passed me by this wave opened up into a beautiful #lohis barrel and I had the perfect view…how I wished I’d been shooting Fisheye at that moment! (This was shot with my 70-200mm meaning that he was too close for me to get a good shot). Ajey is the #president of the Maldivian Surfing Association and is an all round #Waterman and excellent #photographer ️ #maldivesopen2015 #maldives @spl_waterhousing @asctour

Morning Glory at #lohis today with @isserasheedh doing a couple of last min ding repairs before the contest started. He then went out and surfed through to the quarter finals with his best mate @hoajahoobx #surfguidelife #ding #king #maldivesopen2015

Epic day of competition at the #maldivesopen2015 @asctour @hudhuranfushi_resort Lohis was pretty much going off all day. This is @radityarondi demonstrating #speed #power and #flow

Amy deep inside the wave of the day late last night. The @asctour judges called it “the only perfect ten of the day” but the contest was long over for the day! Not that @amy_kotch cared, in fact her only concern was that perhaps she could have been deeper still!!! #girlswhoshred #35mm #lohis #maldives #surf #maldivesopen2015

Lohis this morning from the @asctour / #mbba judging tower prior to the start of the #maldivesopen2015 here at #hudhuranfushiresort For two hours it was going off, but now the wind has kicked in making conditions rather difficult.