Bings give you wings! Small wave fun thanks to @bingsurfboards #spork 5’9 #quad by @mattcalvani #bingsurf #thecraftsince59 pic @aliphoto_maldives

There have been some epic days on this boat over the last six weeks, but now it’s time to pack up and move on. Big thanks to Allois @pohnpei_surf_club for hooking us up for a memorable stay at #ppass in #Micronesia and to all the surfers who came and put on a show! @deepwatersurf and Nick, @roguebarels @nfish__ Filepe and Paulo (where’s Gordo?@felipecesarano ) @asher_pacey @daveycathels @swillpics @andrewshield #loveyawork @a_gray @lauraenever @amy_kotch @ralphdawe @mikeywright1 #mentalmikey @mattbanting (good luck at Snapper) and everyone else who made it such a please to shoot here #showupandblowup