#style : I grew up in South Devon, near Sidmouth on the English Channel. I wasn’t a #surfer but I occasionally paddled around on a #waveski with my friends. My first memories of seeing someone standing up and riding waves are from a holiday near Lacanu in France in 1986. One morning we got to the beach early, I remember the mist and the smell of pine trees, but what will stay with me forever is the memory of watching Tom Curren. He was surfing alone in what I now realise were tiny little waves. I stood in the shore break and watched him for hours, I remember when other guys paddled out , how they looked so ugly by comparison, arms flapping and legs splayed, while Curren looked so graceful and elegant… Anyway, this is my mate @asher_pacey It doesn’t matter what he is doing on a wave or what he is riding, but you can be sure it’s going to be pleasing to the eye! #speed #power and #FLOW