Thanks for all the kind words after my last post. I really wasn’t expecting it – the post was meant as a reminder for us all to look out for each other in the water, whether it’s 2ft or 50, but I appreciate all the messages. I think I’m out of the water for another week or two but I’m feeling lucky. This is a #tb to a good day on my #singlefin at the wave that almost got me! #sultans #gratitude

Busting out my favorite dance move at #Sultans pic @life_at_lohis

This shot haunts me, it is Sultans shot in virtual darkness at ISO3200 at the end of the best day of the season so far. I had a bad flogging a couple weeks earlier, landing back first on the reef at Cokes and wasn’t meant to be surfing, so I’d gone on the boat just to shoot photos…of course we pulled up to see perfect empty tubes reeling through the inside and as everyone knows, there’s only so many empty tubes one can see before common sense goes out the window! I paddled out, got flogged again, snapped my board, and then watched/shot the best waves I’ve seen for months. Yes there’s always another swell but this one was special. #lifeatlohis #sultans

Observations from the impact zone part two. I noticed a frustrating trend over this last swell – So many #surfers scrambling to avoid taking a wave on the head would paddle frantically towards the shoulder and straight into the path of the surfer up and riding the wave…apparently completely oblivious of the fact that they were putting themselves in a far more dangerous position than had they just taken the set on the head. This is my good friend Nathan on one of the better waves of a session last week at #sultans The board he is 1/1000 of a second away from running into didn’t need to be there, in fact ten seconds earlier it was in a perfectly safe position further in, but its owner paddled it straight into the worst position possible. The result was a ruined wave and a creased board (Nates!) I know that sometimes there’s nothing you can do and you end up in someone’s way, but I’m talking about us all trying to avoid the unnecessary ones, the times when you have the choice of ‘do I paddle in front of this guy or not? Do I risk injury to myself and him? My board and his? Do I ruin the wave he’s travelled so far to surf? Or do I stay here in the impact zone, enjoying the view, take a couple waves on the head and then paddle for the channel at the end of the set?’ #justathought #churbro #stink #playsafe #ridewithusdontcollidewithus #85mm

With @amy_kotch at #sultans yesterday @hiveswimwear #Maldives

I guess for every photographer thinking ‘geez that would be a nice shot if you didn’t have a #gopro in your mouth’ there’s a surfer thinking ‘geeez this would be a nice clip if there wasn’t a water housing in it!’haha #spitthedummy @micahlester at #sultans #Maldives

Sharing one at #sultans last night #faded photo by @aliphoto_maldives #bingsurf #thecraftsince59 #spork

A couple shades of #blue with my #Balinese brother @black.dawgg #gliding into the inside section at #sultans yesterday morning!

Stoked to put the camera down and get a couple last night…and stoked that Capi Moosa picked it up! @bingsurfboards #spork #maldives #maldivessurf #sultans #tubetime #moosashot #bing #thecraftsince59 #bingsurf

Yesterday morning at #sultans in the #Maldives on a @bingsurfboards #mauifoil shaped by @mattcalvani This board is Matt’s version of the original design ridden by Rolf Aurness in 1970 and is a #joy to ride! I know that the King ( @kellyslater )has commented in the past that he doesn’t see the point in riding boards that “didn’t work then and don’t work now” but personally I think that riding a #singlefin for a couple years of ones #surfing life can really help with technique and should be encouraged! #imagineifadrianohadriddenone #thecraftsince59